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I will never sell or share personally identifiable information, like your email address or private quotes, to anyone.

If you have a question, please contact me. You can read our Privacy Policy for in-depth detail.

- Scott Gose, Creator of FavQs

Fav a Quote

At the heart of FavQs is the ability for you to mark a quote as a "fav". Simply click on the heart icon to do so.


6 favs
tags: quotes

Vote on a Quote

You can also influence the ranking of quotes by voting on them. Simply click the up or down arrow to cast your vote.


7 favs

Quotes vs Dialogues

You can add your favorite Quote or Dialogue. A Quote has one author whereas a Dialogue will have more than one.

For example, here's a Quote:


3 favs

And here's a Dialogue:


2 favs
Ted Striker: “Surely you can't be serious.
Rumack: “I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.
source: Airplane!, 1980. Film.


Quotes show the number of people who have "fav'd" and voted on that quote.


10 favs

Double-check your spelling and punctuation before submitting a quote.

Once the quote has been submitted, you can no longer edit it.

Private Quotes

A Pro user can add private quotes. These are denoted by the lock symbol.


No one would be able to see this quote except the user who created it.

The user who creates a Private quote has the choice to convert it to a Public quote.

Tags (a.k.a., "popular tags")

Quotes have tags associated with them. These tags are generated when enough people tag a quote with the same Personal Tag. Think of these tags as "popular" tags.

Popular tags are sometimes noted with the following icon:

For example, the quote below is tagged with "ambition" because several users have personally tagged it with the word "ambition".


4 favs

Personal Tags

You can add a Personal Tag to a quote by adding it to the "Personal Tags" field. Personal Tags are a great way to organize your favorite quotes.

Personal tags are sometimes noted with the following icon:

For example, our sample user has personally tagged this quote as "funny". Since several other users have as well, the personal-tag is also showing up as a popular tag.


4 favs
tags: the-office, funny
personal-tags: funny


When you add a quote, there is an optional field to provide the source of the quote. The provenance of a quote is just as important as the quote itself to many of our users. If you know where the quote is from, please provide a detailed description of its origin.


2 favs
source: William Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

Some quotes can be sourced directly using a URL. If you have a URL that directly identifies the origin of your quote, you can include that in the source field. For example:


2 favs
tags: movie


A quote might require setup or background information in order to understand or deepen the meaning of a quote. Therefore, there is an optional "Context" field when you add a quote.


8 favs
context: Persuading John Sculley (then CEO of Pepsi) to become Apple's CEO
tags: apple, ceo

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